What is the Singtel Rewards programme about? 

Singtel Rewards is Singtel's loyalty programme to reward our residential customers. Customers will be able to:

  • Redeem for guaranteed treats or participate in contests to win dining, travel, entertainment or movie vouchers,
    Enjoy discounts on merchant deals and Birthday Treats at participating merchants.

Who is eligible for the programme? 

All Singtel residential are eligible to participate for Singtel Rewards, excluding:
  1. Customers who are only using Singtel's prepaid mobile service.
  2. Singtel's business registered customers or customers on any corporate scheme.
  3. Customers who are barred from using Singtel services and/or have outstanding bills for any of Singtel's subscription services.
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Delights Programme

What is this Delights Programme about? 

Singtel customers can look forward to complimentary dining treats and participate in entertainment, travel and movie
lucky draws to win attractive prizes.

In addition, customers can also enjoy the latest deals and get great savings when they make their booking via
HungryGoWhere. For the latest line-up of delights, visit www.singtel.com/rewards.

How do I participate? 

Visit www.singtel.com/rewards or access My Singtel app.

Can I participate in only 1 category or all the categories? 

Yes, you may participate in any or all of the categories that interests you.

How often can I redeem/participate for treats or contests in the Delights Programme? 

Treats that are redeemable on a first-come-first-served promotional mechanic, will be available whilst stocks last. Each
customer is limited to only one redemption every 2 months, on the dining category.

Lucky draws are open to all customers. Each customer is allowed 1 submission per contest.

Can I cancel my redemption or lucky draw submissions? 

No cancellations will be allowed once a successful redemption/ lucky draw submission has been made.

How will winners be informed?  

Customers who have successfully redeemed for a delight, will be notified. Depending on the redemption option
available, vouchers will be delivered via various options:
  • Mail to address of the customer’s designated account within 14 days
  • SMS to ONEPASS mobile line
  • Email to ONEPASS email address
  • Apps eVoucher (Applicable only for selected redemptions via My Singtel app)

  • Winners of lucky draws will be notified by phone/SMS/email/mail within 14 days after the draw date(s). For prizes worth more than $10,000, results of the winner(s) will be posted on a local English paper within 7 days from draw date.

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    Birthday Treats

    What is this Free 1GB local data about?  

    Birthday Treats is a Singtel Rewards programme. Apart from exclusive promotions at selected merchants, Singtel is also giving free 1GB local data on your birthday month. Free 1GB local data will be given to existing Singtel customers with postpaid mobile services registered under their NRIC/FIN/Passport, and who are on eligible price plans.

    Who is eligible to participate?  

    Existing Residential and customers under Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) with active postpaid mobile services, and:
    • A valid Date of Birth registered with Singtel
    • Subscribed to these eligible voice plans: Lite/Plus/Value/Premium/Prestige, Combo 1/2/3/4/6/12, Easy Mobile S/M/L/XL

    Is there a registration fee, minimum contract or any termination fee?  

    No. The Singtel Birthday – Free 1GB local data is offered as a birthday treat. No registration, minimum contract or termination fee is applicable.

    Do I need to register to enjoy this promotion?  

    No registration is required. As long as you have a valid Date of Birth registered with Singtel and subscribed to an eligible postpaid mobile price plan, the Free 1GB local data will be credited to all your postpaid lines under your NRIC/FIN, on your birthday month based on your billing cycle.

    How do I know if I’m eligible for this promotion?  

    Customers who are eligible for Singtel Birthday Free 1GB local data will receive an SMS notification on their birthday month. They will also be able to view the Free 1GB local data under the Free Data Bar in My Singtel app.

    When can I enjoy the Singtel Birthday – Free 1GB local data?  

    Singtel Birthday – Free 1GB local data will be credited on your birthday month, based on the bill cycle date of your postpaid mobile line.

    Eg. You have 2 eligible postpaid mobile lines with separate bill cycle dates, 10th of every month and 20th of every month respectively. Your date of birth falls in the month of June. Singtel Birthday – Free 1GB local data will be provisioned to both lines, on 10th June and 20th of June respectively and is valid for 30 days thereafter.

    Can I use roam overseas with the free 1GB data?  

    No. Singtel Birthday – Free 1GB data is applicable only for local data, excluding mobile broadband bundled local data. Prevailing data roaming charges will apply.

    My Date of Birth falls in July and I received an SMS informing me that I’m eligible for Singtel Birthday Treats - Free 1GB local data. Will this be reflected in my Singtel bill?  

    Free 1GB local data will start on the bill cycle date of your postpaid mobile line during your birthday month, and is valid for 30 days. You will see a description “1GB Local Data (Birthday Treats)” printed in your next Singtel bill.

    I did not fully utilise the Singtel Birthday – Free 1GB local data during my birthday month. Can I carry over to the next month?  

    Unused local data cannot be carried forward to subsequent months. Any unused local data will be forfeited.

    I have 3 Singtel Mobile lines registered under my name. Can I enjoy Singtel Birthday Free 1GB local data on all 3 lines?  

    Yes. But they must all be on eligible postpaid mobile price plans.

    But I have just transferred Line A to my friend B. Can I still enjoy this promotion on another Singtel Mobile line registered under my name?  

    Free 1GB local data is not transferable. Once Line A has been transferred to Customer B, the Free 1GB local data on Line A will be forfeited.

    How can I update my date of birth?  

    To update, simply follow these steps:
    1. Go to singtel.com/myaccount & login using your OnePass ID
    2. Go to My Account > Select Manage your OnePass to update your date of birth
    Alternatively, you can also contact our Customer Care Hotline at 1688 for assistance.

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    Singtel Prestige

    What is the Singtel Prestige programme? 

    Singtel Prestige is an exclusive one year membership programme to reward our high value Singtel customers. As a
    member, you will receive a Singtel Prestige card and be privy to priority services, exclusive benefits and invitations to
    Prestige-only events.

    Who is eligible for Singtel Prestige programme?  

    Singtel customers who have an existing Singtel Mobile, Home Broadband or mio TV service for at least 1 year, and
    have a minimum eligible spend of $250 per month on your Singtel bill for the last 6 consecutive months will be
    automatically enrolled into the Singtel Prestige programme. Membership to Singtel Prestige programme is by invitation only.

    How do I know if I am enrolled to the programme?  

    All new & re enrolled Singtel Prestige members will receive a Welcome Pack which will include:
    • A Singtel Prestige card (valid for one year)
    • Welcome Letter & guide
    You can also check your Singtel Prestige status and membership expiry date on your Singtel bill or when you login to
    Singtel Rewards website > My Account.

    What are the members’ privileges?  

    As a Singtel Prestige member, you can enjoy privileges from:
    • Mobile Benefits
    • Priority Services
    • Exclusives

    What is Mobile Benefits? 

    With Mobile Benefits, members can:
    • Receive a Singtel Prestige handset voucher* of up to $550 every 12 months, when you meet the following
      • -Minimum eligible average bill spend of $250 per month for the last 12 months
      • -Holds an active Singtel Mobile, Home Broadband or mio TV service for at least 1 year.
      • *Voucher will be issued and mailed out on the 13th month of Singtel Prestige membership.
    • Enjoy 15% discount for purchase of accessories at Singtel Retail Shops and selected Singtel Exclusive
      Retailers. Excluding Apple Original accessories, Sandisk Memory Cards, BEATs Audio Accessories, all original and
      3rd party Samsung S3 cases.
    • 14 day equipment exchange programme, exclude Apple devices.
    • Easy access to Singtel Prestige membership card. Simply download the card into the Singtel mWallet mobile
      application using Google Play and App Store.Visit singtel.com/mwallet-coupons&loyalty to find out more.

    What is Priority Services?  

    With Priority Services, members can enjoy
    • Priority queue ticket at Singtel Retail Shops and Singtel Technical Care.
    • Priority queue at Singtel Prestige Hotline at 6838 8000 (add +65 when calling from overseas).
    • 2 hr express FREE SIM card replacement and delivery for faulty SIM or when you lose your phone.

    What are Exclusives?  

    With Exclusives, members can enjoy
    • Priority invitation to Singtel handset workshops, exclusive movie screenings and events.
    • Enjoy dining, shopping and lifestyle discounts at selected merchant outlets with your Singtel Prestige card.
    • Get pampered with complimentary treats and rewards on your birthday.

    Am I eligible for Singtel Rewards benefits under the Singtel Prestige membership?  

    As our Singtel Prestige member, you are also entitled to privileges and redemptions offered by the Singtel Rewards
    programme. You can look forward to a variety of exciting lifestyle treats that would appeal to everyone in your family,
    every month. Look out for more details at singtel.com/rewards.

    How do I report loss of my Singtel Prestige card or for assistance on Singtel services?  

    You may contact our Singtel Prestige Hotline at 6838 8000 (add +65 when calling from overseas) for assistance.

    Do I need to renew my Singtel Prestige membership?  

    Your Singtel Prestige membership will automatically be renewed when you meet the minimum average spend of $250
    per month on your Singtel bill for the last 6 consecutive months. You may check the status for re enrolment of Singtel
    Prestige membership when you login at Singtel Rewards website (singtel.com/rewards) > My Account.

    How do I know if my Singtel Prestige membership has been renewed, or if I did not meet the minimum spend to
    qualify for re enrollment?  

    Upon re-enrolment, a new Prestige membership card will be mailed to you.

    You can also login at Singtel Rewards website(singtel.com/rewards)> My Account, using your ONEPASS ID to view
    your membership status.

    How can I check if I meet the minimum spend to qualify for Singtel Prestige programme?  

    To check your last 6 months spend, you can call our dedicated Prestige Hotline at 6838 8000 for assistance.

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